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Ure-A-Sil Roof Coatings System
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Proven and Advanced
Fluid Applied Roofing Systems Designed to Restore and Protect Metal Substrate Roofs

The AWS Met-A-Gard and Met-A-Gard+ systems are proven and advanced fluid applied roofing systems designed by American WeatherStar to restore and protect metal roofs. AWS designed these systems based on the proven performance of AWS Acrylic 211 and the extreme durability of the AWS Acrylic 211 HT roofing products. Both systems are bright white and Energy Star rated.

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Each system starts by pressure washing the entire roof and addressing any rust that exists on the metal panels or fasteners with AWS rust primers. Next, all seams, penetrations, and fasteners are sealed with AWS flashing grade materials. The last step is to apply the AWS Acrylic 211 or AWS Acrylic 211 HT to the entire roofing surface in two coats. Both systems are highly reflective, UV stable, and water resistant.

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Benefits of the AWS
Met-A-Gard & Met‑A‑Gard+ Fluid Applied Roofing
Systems include:

  • Durability
  • Proven UV Stability
  • Watertight
  • Cool Roof = Cooler Building Interior
  • Saves Energy Dollars
  • No Business Interruption
  • Tax Deductible First Year
  • Long Term Warranty Available

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The Process

It is important to review application guidelines for each specific metal roof panel, as coverage rates do vary. All specs are available on the AWS website. The process of installing an AWS Met-A-Gard or Met-A-Gard+ system remains fairly consistent for each type of metal roof:

  • Pressure Wash.
  • Look for problem areas.
  • Any areas of rust will be treated with AWS Primer.
  • All seams are closed and securely fastened. Loose or missing fasteners must to be replaced.
  • Waterproof both vertical and horizontal seams, as well as all fasteners, with one of AWS's flashing grade materials.
  • Apply Base Layer of AWS Acrylic Coating.
  • Apply Top Layer of AWS Acrylic Coating.

Types of Metal Panels AWS Met-A-Gard Systems Seal and Protect:

All metal roofing panels and systems are candidates for the AWS Met-A-Gard systems.

Rusty Panels

Rust, also known as Iron Oxide, is formed by a chemical reaction in which iron oxidizes when in the presence of oxygen and water or excessive moisture. Iron Oxide lacks many of the structural characteristics of the original iron material and will continue to spread deeper into the material. If left alone, rust will almost always result in total failure of the panel. AWS Rust Primers are designed to neutralize existing rust as well as prevent it from advancing its damage.


Skylights, if still within their serviceable life, can be renewed and restored with AWS Acrylic 230 clear liquid applied membrane.

Sustainable Roofing System Warranties

We offer long term material and sustainable system warranties on most roof types on all of our systems when installed by one of our independent contractors.

For more detailed information on all of our warranties, please contact us for details. We will be happy to explain all the benefits that come with all of our roofing system.